Enjoyment for kids in Bali

Bali is mythical and magical place, rich with culture and traditions, popular for its friendly people who welcome guests with smile and open heart. It is a place with fusion of old and traditional with new and innovative things.

Kids clubs : Bali is famous for its beaches and colorful culture which attracts families and kids. It is a friendly place. Bali has so many resorts and hotels that are modified and equipped specially for kids. There are free kids club activity programs, large family rooms with toys, discounted interconnecting room and free or discounted children’s meals. Baby sitters are available and cost just a few dollars for an hour. Kids love beaches and Bali is best place to go during summer vacation as beaches are dry between April and October. There are hotels which give offer several activities to kids so that parents can go out surfing and shopping. Baby sitters are available for nights as well.

Food for children is always big concern for parents and Indonesian food is very spicy; so it is recommendable to order western food and then slightly share it with local so that kids get a little acquainted with the flavor of local dish. Walking lanes of Bali have curbs and manholes so they are not pram friendly. Baby slings and taxi cabs are good option for carrying kids if who can’t walk. Bali offers variety clothing for kids. Streets are good place to shop as they provide local stuff. Departmental stores also provide wide range of things for kids. Sometimes you get same clothes or other items on street shops and departmental store as well with quite a large difference in price. Better to check from streets first it will save your pocket money.

Recreational Activities for kids : Many recreational activities are provided keeping kids in mind. There are many parks and safari parks with variety of games and swings. Safari parks have animals from the entire world. Safety is major consideration in these parks. Bali birds and reptile park is also very popular place for kids. Bali is rich with traditional dances. Children will love color of dramatic Balinese dance. Certain dances are performed on beaches as well. Camels and elephants ride is also there which kids are going to enjoy a lot. Rafting, trekking and cycling are also there with supervisors and this is going to be fun for kids. Horse riding lessons and supervised riding tours for children are also there. Bali adventure tours provide trips like white water rafting. Children attractions in Bali vary from surf, sand and beaches activities; cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits, traditional life style, adventure such as rafting, cycling, bungee jumping and elephant rides, theme parks such as Bali bird park. Waterboom Park Bali provide light and healthy environment for kids. Small kids specially thumb sucking kids have habit of putting their hand in mouth so it’s better to consult Bali health departments.

Lovina beach in north of Bali is most beautiful and silent and dolphins which kids love to watch can be seen. Bali is one of most attractive place for kids where kids can get both fun and adventure.