If you go to Bali for leisure, you will be quite satisfied of your stay thanks to the heavenly beaches such as Jimbaran or Lovina.

However we cannot leave Bali without remembering the local culture and the experience that we have enjoyed. Indonesian gastronomy is highly appreciated and of course, in Bali, like the rest of the archipelago, the basic food is rice. In Balinese cuisine, we can also find lots of vegetables as well as grilled and marinated meat. The specialty of the island is Nasi Goreng, a sort of fried rice with vegetables and shrimps.

The culture of Bali is also a significant souvenir. It is the only island in Indonesia with Hindu as the dominant religion and in this island we can see a lot of temples where we can participate in the secular rituals performed by the Balinese people.

Balinese Hindu is not the same with Hindu practiced in India that has been influenced by Buddhism. The architecture of temples is also different. They are not filled with the effigy of divinity, but with empty niche presented to welcome the divinity willing to stay there.

Traditional dances are also the symbol of Bali. These dances are performed by young girls in golden costume and headdress.